Client Reviews

The following are some of the unsolicited letters Mr. McEvily (Chuck) has received from his clients

“Dear Chuck: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making a difficult time much easier. Through your expertise, impartiality and mediation skills you guided my husband and I smoothly down a potentially rocky road. While I was hopeful that we would be able to put our emotions aside and work amicably toward and equitable settlement, I was also fearful of the disagreements that would inevitably arise and concerned about how that would affect my children and my children’s future security. Both my husband and I felt comfortable with you and convinced of your sincerity and ability to resolve conflicts. Your experience and knowledge of the law gave us the foundation to create our settlement and I am grateful that we decided to use mediation to resolve our divorce. By doing so I know we saved not only time and money, but a great deal of adversarial bickering that would have put a tremendous strain not only on our relationship but on our family’s. I am looking forward to a new beginning. Thank you for your part in that.” [Linda, 2008]

“Dear Chuck: There are not enough words to express my gratitude and thanks for your professional attitude, yet sympathetic and humorous approach to my divorce last year. I’m sure throughout your career you have heard clients and your peers praise you for your unwavering focus and calm demeanor. I echo that completely and would add that you were not only the best attorney, the kindest human being, but also my guardian angel. I feel blessed and lucky that our paths crossed when it [sic] did. Thank you, Chuck, for keeping it real, giving me hope and allowing me to reboot my life.” [Johnny 2012]

“Chuck: I find myself at a loss for words. I don’t believe one can adequately describe the process of divorce… When your world comes crashing down, it’s nice to know there are salt-of-the-earth individuals that can help you put it back together again. Sincere thanks for all your help Chuck, you have been a counselor, confidant and friend.” [Larry 2011]

“As your client you treated me with trust and respect. You matched wits and expertise with my husband who had a reputation as a brilliant trial lawyer. You succeeded in defeating him at every turn. As your client, I thank you profusely for the outstanding way you represented me.” [Mary 2011]

“I respect you and appreciate all you have done for me during this difficult time in my life. Throughout the entire [mediation] process I never once regretted my decision to hire you. You have demonstrated that you are the most capable professional in any field that I have ever dealt with.” [Les 2008]

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